Review: A Perfect Obsession

A Perfect Obsession by Heather Graham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The second book in this new series is chilling and well written. Ms. Graham is an author I automatically buy and read. Her suspense ones are well thought out with disturbing killers. The books are not written from the killer's point of view so it helps to keep it from becoming too creepy.

In this one, we meet Special Agent Craig Fraiser again. He appeared in the first book as did his girlfriend, Kieran Finnegan. I like Kieran even though she works for shrinks and is one. These two are pulled into a disturbing case as a famous model is killed in a nightclub right by her family's bar. As more information comes out, Kieran finds herself torn between two different men - her lover and her brother. This conflict ads to the suspense. I liked how the reader is given a little bit of information and is in the same boat as Kieran and Craig, racing to try and figure out the killer's identity. It is more fun for me to try an…

Out of Sight by Melissa Klein blog tour and giveaway

From Award Winning Author
Melissa Klein
When tragedy upends her life, Mia Jones must fight to regain her lost memories and win the man she loves.

Melissa Klein
Series: Out of Uniform Book 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Military Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: July 5, 2017
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After a brutal attack leaves Mia Jones with a traumatic brain injury, she learns the key to discovering her attacker’s identity lies within her damaged brain. As she battles to recover from her injuries, she finds it’s not her fiancé by her side but her foster brother, Hank.
When navy pilot, Hank Taggart ditches his plane in the sea, he thinks the worst has happened—until he returns home to learn Mia, the closest thing he’s ever had to family, is in ICU. While struggling to accept the end of a career that defines him and battling his own medical diagnosis, he must also suppress his newfound feelings for Mia.
With Hank rejecting her love at every turn…

Review: The Billionaire Beast

The Billionaire Beast by Jackie Ashenden
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Beast does describe Nero quite well. Nero is a kinky type of Howard Hughes, except the reason for Nero's isolation is horrific. I fell for Nero as his traumatic past is revealed. He is definitely a boy with mommy issues and seriously needs some social skill courses. Still, leniency for his behaviour is understandable as each abusive incident in his past comes to light.

From a character building perspective, I really liked this story. Nero is this anti-hero who is ruthless and does whatever he wants because he can. He is a prickly jerk because he has not come out of his victim mentality. He does things which demonstrates he still isn't over the lack of control he had as a child. In addition, he has not reconciled what his mother did to him. He thinks he is a survivor but until he meets Phoebe, no one has put him in his place to really look at his own behaviours. Basically his power trips are a reaction to whenever…

Review: Linger

Linger by V.E. Campudoni
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

New to me author V.E. Campudoni pens an interesting tale. Specifically, the BDSM in this story is hawt and romanticized. The characters are too. Enzio is the one who I liked in this story. From a character perspective, he has more depth. He's a gentle soul who also exudes some serious sexy dominant vibes. His job as a professional dominant may help this vibe going.

From a BDSM element, this book is good and I'd categorize as a Gateway into BDSM. With the requisite elite club which also makes this a glitterkink book for me, it is just the right tone for readers who want to get a little kinky. What brought this story down for me was the main character, Lana Matthews. She is a shallow user who doesn't deserve a friend like Enzio. She is clueless and thoughtless. Very little about her is admirable or redeemable. She's a dumbass who should be left in the cold so that Enzio could move on.

Oddly, this story isn't about fri…

Love at First Crepe by Heidi Renee Mason blog tour and giveaway

Who knew a delicious crepe, a kung fu attack, and an unexpected love could create such mayhem?

Heidi Renee Mason
Genre: Humorous Romantic Mystery
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Publication Date: July 22, 2017
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In Heidi Renee Mason's humorous romantic mystery, an easygoing chef soon discovers life can become complicated when you're falling in lust and foiling murder plots.
Born into the wealthy Simpson family, free-spirited, accident-prone Willow is determined to make her own way in life. Her greatest joy is her food truck, The Dancing Crêpe. Baking is her one true passion, and she is content to keep it that way. Love and romance have never been on her agenda, but she suddenly finds herself in the middle of a deliciously decadent love triangle. With two gorgeous men vying for her attention, she vows to keep her distance from both of them, but the tantalizing chemistry is hard to ignore.
Willow would be living the sweet life if …

Review: Leather and Grace

Leather and Grace by Maggie Ryan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Quentin is a broken man. His submissive, Beth disappeared years ago and he never got over it. It made him leave the lifestyle for a while. When he is pulled back against his will to help teach a class at the club he partial owns, his world is shaken up. Specifically, a new to BDSM submissive, Grace reminds him of all the reasons why he liked being a dominant. And why it is so good to have a submissive female on her knees, waiting to submit. Grace for her part, is a woman who is finally exploring her submissive desires. When she falls for the sexy "do not touch" instructor, Quentin, things start to get weird.

Always a fan of Ms. Ryan, I know I'm up for some good BDSM. She definitely delivers. The club is fabulous. The BDSM scenes are arousing, especially for those who enjoy D/s and power exchange. What is surprising is the suspense element to this story. It is well done with the right amount of tension. It bl…

Ivan's Captive Submissive by Ann Mayburn Free for limited time!

The book will be free from 7/21-7/31
When Gia Lopez signs up for the Submissive's Wish Charity Auction she has no idea that she's about to be bought by a Russian Dom who will do anything to make her fantasies come true. Including staging an elaborate kidnapping that Gia believes is real. Ivan is instantly drawn to Gia and he wants to be the best Master she's ever had. As he spends time with Gia he begins to have intense feelings for the strong, independent, and sexy American woman. He's only won a week of her service but wishes to keep her forever.
 Unaware of Ivan’s true feelings, Gia fights her growing emotional attachment to him. All she wants is to settle down with a nice Dom in the United States, continue her career, and live a normal life. However, Ivan sets a plan into motion that will push Gia to all of her limits and take her on a global journey of self-discovery, extreme pleasure, and love.
 Warning: Contains Erotic Spanking, Subspace, f/f situations, a devast…