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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Review: Wild

Wild Wild by Eve Langlais
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This trio of erotic paranormal romance writers bring a delicious collection of smexy stories to life. Feeling a bit numb with all the books I have been reading, I picked up this book because I have had good experiences with Ms. Langlais. I hoped her book would pick me up out of my reading slump. She does not disappoint.

In Catch a Tiger by the Tail, Broderick is a tiger not to be messed with. This story is action packed and I am stunned with how much goes on in this novella. Ms. Langlais creates a fabulous world with engaging characters and a well written plot. The chemistry between the characters is smoking. The plot twists adds a nice heat to the story. I loved it and after reading this story, I hoped there is more in this world.

The meat in this threesome sandwich is Wild Passions by Kate Douglas. I thought this would be another forgettable werewolf finding their soulmate story. Whilst this is the plot premise, it is much more. The story is so smoothly written. It is like a fine scotch, enjoyable down to the last sip. This sexy tale of wolves running an exclusive mountain resort should be savoured as the men heat up the sheets for these women. Makes me wish for a woman's weekend to find some sexy time with wolves who may want to share. The sex is primal. The characters are all well developed and fun. This story does pack a lot into a short period of time.

Not to be out done, Ms. Arthur is the one to bring it home in Her Perfect Mates. This one hits a bit harder because instead of just yearning and sexy time, this one incorporates sorrow and a bit of angst. This story connected with me more because it pulled out more emotion and I felt something for the characters, especially Malec. This is a moving story starting out in sorrow and ending with a happily ever after. It is sort of like a sour patch kid candy - starts out tart and ends in sweetness. With the ménage aspect, it only makes this story hotter.

This collection of three definitely kicked me out of my reading funk and brought me out of my ennui. The stories are vivid and the writers weave an erotic spell. Each of the stories is a winner which is not always the case in a collection or anthology. This erotic collection is highly recommended to all paranormal romance lovers.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Review: Going Deep

Going Deep
Prepare to be swept off your feet #bookreview Cady makes this story #mustread @annecalhoun

Going Deep by Anne Calhoun
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Prepare to be swept off your feet. Ms. Calhoun hits a home run for me in the latest book in her Alpha Ops series. This book can be read as a standalone. For a better feel of this world, reading the previous books in this series is recommended. This book features Cady Ward a rock star coming home for the holidays.

Lest a reader think that Conn McCormick is the character who will sweep us off our feet, let me correct this assumption immediately. It is Cady Ward aka Maud who charms and entices. Cady could be a snotty nosed rock star who deigns to talk to the little people from her hometown. Some believe her to be an overnight sensation. They would be wrong. Cady put in her time and learned from her experiences singing on street corners and at dive bars. She worked hard to achieve her success. Better yet, she never forgot her roots. She is grounded and a genuinely nice person. I really liked and admired Cady. She is the reason I enjoyed this book so much.

Cady personifies a person who does the right thing. Even in the face of betrayals from loved ones and those she believed to be friends, she still gives them chance to explain. She does not cut people off at the smallest slight. She gives people a chance to repair their relationship. She shares her perspective through a powerful medium… her lyrics and her music. Her highs and lows are all captured and used for others to connect with her. Who wouldn't like her?

Conn is the character in this book who needs to be saved. He is not exactly the damsel in distress but it is clear that he is the one who needs love most. Whilst this romance may feature an alpha male, he is not the white knight saving a damsel in distress. He does solve several mysteries for Cady, but it is Cady who brings him out of darkness and saves him from a life of loneliness. It isn't so much the love of a good woman to "fix" a man trope. It is more the confidence, belief and trust which Cady generously gives which helps to heal Conn. My heart weeps for Conn. His isolation and constant rejection pulls on the heart string of most romance readers. My heart was not exempt from his plight. Ms. Calhoun does a lovely job of creating lovable characters who enchant a reader and invites them into an exciting journey. This contemporary romance is recommended to readers who enjoy a bit of suspense, a strong female lead and a happily ever after.

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RELEASE DAY ~ Threesome Bonds by Sienna Matthews

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Meanwhile, her best friend Cara Wilson, aka Hot Blonde, isn't feeling so hot. In a relationship with lovers Kyle Lockwood and Max Brannigan, she comes home early one day and stumbles upon Kyle secretly proposing to Max. Her world shatters. Amidst her heartbreak, she decides to take the biggest gamble of her life, even if it means losing the thing Kyle cherishes the most…

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This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, male/male sexual acts, anal sex and ménage a trois (m/f/m and m/m/f).


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Monday, October 24, 2016

Review: Night Watch

Night Watch Night Watch by Iris Johansen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kendra is back and stronger than ever. This story takes us back to the beginning with flashbacks of Kendra when she was a blind teen with no hope of seeing. When her determined mother forces an experimental procedure to be used on her, it allows her to see. The leading scientist to help bring sight into her eyes is Dr. Charles Waldridge. His research which is part of the Night Watch Project in merry ole England is supposed to help the world become a better place. When he visits Kendra out of the blue in California, her spidey scenes go into overdrive.

I love Kendra. This character is so well designed and I love how observer she can be with all her senses. Ms. Johansen does a marvelous job of creating a plausible character through existing science and a bit of fringe science. Kendra is a multifaceted intriguing character who inspires me to do better and to observe more. She is thankful of every day she can see and appreciates even the littles things. Her cognitive abilities are off the chart. She is an over achiever whom makes me want to do more and strive to be better. I love her character and each time I read about her, I am more impressed. This time around, she further demonstrates her loyalty to friends. She is not perfect and I also enjoy that about her. She is human in the same way as we are with relationships. She creates strong friendships and she also is leery of romantic entanglements. It is quite amusing to watch her be fox to Adam Lynch's hound. She leads him on a merry chase which only brings exhilaration and excitement. The sexual tension in this tale is well done and I enjoy how Ms. Johansen continues to build and tease the reader with it.

This lengthy novel is to be savoured like a fine wine as the reader follows along in this suspense thriller. Chasing down the reasons why Charles is kidnapped and saving him makes this story action packed. It moves fast and keeps me engaged. This is a page turner which is physically painful to put down the book when it is time to work. It is best to set time aside to read this book from beginning to end, otherwise any interruptions make cause the reader to become a growly monster. Ms. Johansen's writing gives a reader the shotgun seat, riding along with Kendra and Adam as they solve this mystery. The emotions invoked in this story are sharp and real. The anxiety Kendra feels as she is searching desperately for Charles leaps off the pages. Ms. Johansen is a masterful storyteller who captures the reader's attention and holds them in thrall until she deems time for release. This story is so good that after I finished reading it, I immediately started reading it again to re-live some of the highlights. This is one of my favourite books in this series' universe. I cannot wait to see what new adventures Kendra will take us on. One only hopes Adam will continue to appear and woo her with his special mercenary connections and skills. This book is highly recommended to everyone for reading. It can be read as a standalone.

*provided by NetGalley

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Review: The Master's Toy

The Master's Toy The Master's Toy by Jason Walker
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Screwing up has never been so good as it has been for Ashley Wallace. Ashley makes the mistake of running over a person's lawn and totally ripping up their sod. She is not able to pay for it through money, but she does meet the home owner who has a very different offer for her. No, it isn't sex for repayment but it is pretty darn close. Daniel and Evangeline are in a TPE which is not unfamiliar to Ashley. When they make her an offer to become a toy for them, she leaps at the chance.

This story is a little over the top and a lovely fantasy. For those who want a sexy threesome and the ultimate revenge upon a mean girl, this book is for you. For me, it was a bit too hokey at times and I may have rolled my eyes more than once. Still, I enjoyed the book. Mr. Walker is a new to me author who writes out the fantasies women tend to have in their mind when they are just daydreaming.

Who wouldn't want a millionaire to bring them into their close circle of friends, rising them up from the brink of poverty? Who wouldn't want a new home which is totally out of their means along with a brand spanking new job and a luxurious new car? There are all hallmarks of a dream for a sugar daddy. I confess when I was in my teens, I had these wishful dreams too. Which is why I ended up enjoying where Mr. Walker took me in this BDSM romantic fantasy where a woman is swept off her feet and lives the good life.
Daniel comes off as a perfect rich dominant. He is the kind naive females dream about. His brand of BDSM is a nice blend of fantasy and reality. Some of the things he does to Evangeline are spot on. Others are an exaggerated author's creative license. One thing that bugged me about him was the locks of hair he cut off of Evangeline. This really irked me and I neared ended the book there with a did not finish. However, I pushed through and Mr. Walker redeems his character at the end with a nice twist. Daniel turns out to be not that perfect, which I like. The hero worship he receives from Evangeline and Ashley was too much for me though. I wanted to gag several times as they went over the top in almost romantic prose about how domly dom he is compared to the lessor mortals fawning at his feet. None could compare to his majestic kingly state. All he needs is a crown and a gold riding crop to rule over all the little kinky people. As I said, some of the story was a bit exaggerated which produced unintentional hilarious moments for me.

What I think some people will like is the plotting to bring about the destruction of a nasty person. This is something I think many people can relate to and enjoy witnessing. Is it a juvenile pipe dream? Most definitely, but this is a fun story where it seems to just "all work out". Overall, this is a BDSM fantasy which tickles some kinky fantasies as well as pushes some pet peeves. It is a fun read and recommended to kinky readers who enjoy erotica with a vengeful twist.

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Review: The Circlet Treasury of Erotic Wonderland

The Circlet Treasury of Erotic Wonderland The Circlet Treasury of Erotic Wonderland by J. Blackmore
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Suffering submissives and seductive sadist abound in this erotic-fest. Warning, this book is not for the prude or the romantic. This book is smuttastic shenanigans for those who enjoy everything kinky. For those who think this is a romantic fairy-tale retold, move along. For hedonist who enjoy twisted sex with anthropomorphized animals, this is the book for you.

Most of the stories in this collection are right up my alley. The tales are depraved and creative in the way the author sexualize characters and scenes from Alice in Wonderland. A special nod to the Wasp in the Wig was a delight to read. Some of the stories are highly eroticized with vivid imagery which provides excellent fapping material. Others are a bit more out there, like the Walrus and the Carpenter using pot and LSD. There is a wide range of fetishes explored in this collection. Each story is well crafted with the intent to provoke a heated response from the reader.

There are some rather taboo fetishes featured in this collection so for those who only enjoy kinky romances with dominants in a members only club or a bit of handcuff fun, this may be a bit over the top. For those who are jaded, comme moi, this is a joy to read. I did feel a little like Alice, falling down through a rabbit hole and not sure where I would end up. Each story is lovingly crafted with nary an introduction. There is no foreplay for the most part. It is diving straight into bondage, whipping, flogging, sort of animal sex and orgies galore. It does help to have read some of Alice in Wonderland to grasp the nuances. If one does not know the Cheshire cat, the Red Queen, Mad Hatter, Caterpillar and the Pansies to name a few, these tales may miss the iconic references. Still, each of the erotic tales can be savoured in bite size pieces or devoured quickly one after another with relish. After reading this collection, I am intrigued to see what other well-loved classics Ms. Blackmore twists for reader's salacious cravings. This wicked erotic collection is highly recommended to jaded sexual deviants who want try something different.

*provided by NetGalley

Friday, October 21, 2016

Review: My Addiction

My Addiction My Addiction by Cassie Ryan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Erotic, suspenseful and sweet, Ms. Ryan is a new to me author who catches my attention. This is the second book in her series. Full disclosure, I did not read the first book and I was just fine. This book can be read as a standalone. My guess is the first book would help with some of the characters mentioned in this book.

With exclusive club membership, this type of story immediately hits my glitterkink category. With an impressive description of the second high end club in Phoenix, this is definitely glitterkink all the way. Let's start with the BDSM aspect to this book. Ms. Ryan's BDSM is well researched. Based on how the club is designed and the scenes, my guess is that Ms. Ryan is not in the lifestyle. All this means is that this kinky book will be sweet with a bit of rosy coloured glasses effect. The compare and contrast between the two clubs and how dominants "should" be is pretty typical of how most perceive the lifestyle. What is sad to say is that reality is in between the two types and probably leaning closer to the LA club example. The BDSM scenes in the story are more or less accurate. Both the good and bad scenes are technical accurate as they are possible to renact. For those who are new to kink, this is a good book to spark more interest and lure a reader to the kinky side of life.

From a character perspective, this book is engaging as the characters are likable. Kate Fretwell is a submissive in the high end club catering to powerful men. She is an admirable character with spunk. She represents what many submissives yearn for and she works a job that is plausible. The rich part is a bit of a stretch, but this is L.A. not the Midwest. Kate reaction to Dex, an undercover FBI agent is electric. The dynamic between the two is silky smooth and honey sweet. What is most attractive about this erotic romance is how Dex provides aftercare to Kate. This is the rosy coloured glasses part which is so fun to read and enjoy. In reality, after the first couple of aftercare sessions, a lot of dominants start to leave it off or skimp. This is not to say all do this, just that most are not as fabulous as Dex. I really wish I had a Dex aftercare session because I'm lucky if I even get a cuddle or a drink of water.

The suspense in this story is light and easy to guess. This story is more erotic than it is suspense filled. The mystery is easily solved and the plot development is a bit rough. The case came together a bit too easily. Still, it did add a nice element to the story and enhanced the dynamic between Kate and Dex. This erotic romance is recommended as a BDSM Gateway book.

*provided by NetGalley