Villains & Vodka by Alta Hensley Teaser

This top shelf cocktail is dark & dirty - can you handle a sip?
Villains & Vodka by Alta Hensley is releasing on DECEMBER 5th!

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My life is one long fevered dream, balancing between being killed or killing.
The name Harley Crow is one to be feared.
I am an assassin.
A killer.
The villain.

I own it. I choose this life. Hell, I crave it. I hunger for it. The smell of fear makes me hard and is the very reason the blood runs through my veins.

Until I meet her…
Marlowe Masters.
Her darkness matches my own.
In my twisted world of dancing along the jagged edge of the blade…
She changes everything.
No weapon can protect me from the kind of death she will ultimately deliver.

*Villains & Vodka is a dark billionaire romance. If you don’t like a splash of shock, a dash of taboo, and a heavy dose of sex, then don’t take a sip of this TOP SHELF cocktail.

Review: Unknown Desires

Unknown Desires by Jax L. Kramer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A newly trained submissive is matched up to a dominant, and to his surprise, the dominant is a man, not a woman. Michael is a nineteen year old who has lost his way. Raised by an aunt and grandmother, Michael missed a male role model. It seems the Domme training him has found him not only a good male role model, but a man who can love him the way he needs.

Michael is really just a young boy. He is naive and untouched. Meeting Mr. Johns who is years older and a successful businessman is intimidating. First, Michael feels out of place. Second, Michael does not know if he wants to be with a man or not. Third, what if he fails at being a good submissive; does it mean he will be tossed out? This story is probably better categorized as new adult based on the youth and innocence of Michael.

New to me author Ms. Kramer pens a sweet kinky erotica. It is a lovely journey for a young man awakening to his sexual desires as well as his subm…

Review: Talk Bunny To Me

Talk Bunny To Me by A.R. Barley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

How have I missed this author? A.R. Barley delivers another hilarious fun erotica. In the second book in this series, a werewolf and a bunny cross paths. Benjamin is a hunter who finds rogue shifters and brings them back into the fold, so to speak. He is a bounty hunter for the shifter world. During his latest hunt, he finds Justin. Justin is a sexy little bunny. Tapping this tail is the last thing Benjamin is expecting to do. But who can resist a twink who only wants to stay hidden away from his clan of "Watership Down" rabbits.

This story is a fast read and so fun. Both Benjamin and Justin are adorable characters who are easy to like. Benjamin tries to be all stern but he's really a softie. Justin is a sweet boy who has been mistreated in a world of controlling shifters. When he finally gets a chance to have a defender cum protector of his own, he begins to live instead of just survive. This is a heartwarming roma…

All of the Above by Quinn Anderson blog tour and giveaway

A new author to read!  #blogtour #giveaway @riptidebooks
Thanks for joining me on my blog tour. I’m Quinn Anderson, author of the Murmur Inc. series, and I’m here to share some inside information about All of the Above, coming out November 20th. Stay tuned to hear fun facts about this novel, learn where I get my ideas from, and find out more about the characters. Leave comments on the tour posts for a chance to win a $10 Riptide Publishing gift card!

About All of the Above
Brendon isn’t in a rut, per se—he just always seems to be in-between things. Jobs. Degrees. Boyfriends. He never finishes what he starts. The perfect path is out there somewhere, and if he can just figure out what it is, he’s certain everything else will fall into place.
The last thing he expects is to meet his soul mate in the pages of a magazine quiz. “Who Is Your Perfect Man?” by Matthew Kingston seems like a road map to his future husband: the author himself. Brendon may not have his life figured out, but if Matt is…

Review: Sin City Mystic

Sin City Mystic by Rick Newberry
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dixie Mulholland with a doggy twist Buffy is here to save the world. Mr. Newberry is a new to me author who is outside of my norm. Usually I only read female writers. I picked up this book because the title intrigued me. It reminded me a little of the movie, Sin City and perhaps that is why this book worked out a bit well for me. Full disclosure, I did not read the prior book. It is recommended as I believe it would have helped lay the background better. Still, I had no issues getting caught up.

Because of the title, this book played in my head in black and white, like a film noir. I think that actually enhanced my experience since I did not connect with any of the characters. The characters were not bad. Dixie and Adam seem nice. They are star crossed lovers who are trying to spend every precious little time left, together. As a thanks for taking care of a "Big Bad", they are cursed to have a shortened lifespan. For t…

Came Upon a Midnight Clear by Katie Porter blog tour and giveaway

Holiday Charity Collection!  Check it out. #giveaway #blogtour @Riptidebooks

About Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Up-and-coming film producer Kyle Wakefield lives in the closet rather than risk the wrath of his influential, conservative parents. The only time he took a chance on love was a tempestuous teenage affair with Nathan Carnes. But when Nathan proved himself hell-bent on self-destruction and wound up in prison, Kyle closed off his heart.
Almost a decade later, Kyle’s production partner hires Nathan’s stunt company, Second Chances, to work on a big-budget action film in London. Nate is floored by his explosive reunion with Kyle. But he sure as hell isn’t surprised that Kyle still treats their mutual needs—and Nate—like dirty little secrets.
As the London holiday season casts its dazzling spell, the two men find themselves falling in love again. Kyle is one breathless kiss away from declaring himself to Nate—and to the world—but they cannot ignore secrets borne of youthful mistakes. To…

Review: Finder's Keeper

Finder's Keeper by Shira Anthony
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cuddly and adorable, Kit is a housemate I would love to keep. I want to "kiss him and love him and squeeze him and hug him and call him George. He can be my very own bunny rabbit." Kidding aside, aptly named Kit is a half red fox spirit. He guards an important gate between the spirit and human world. Unfortunately for Kit, he's been neglected for five long years. He languishes away as he waits for his human counterpart, a keeper, to finally show up.

This symbiotic relationship between a keeper and guardian should be easy to talk about, if one was raised in a supernatural environment. In some ways, Zane was raised to be able to easily accept this information. His sister reads tarot cards and believes she is a medium. Zane prefers to be grounded in reality even as he dreams of traveling the world. A potential big drawback with being a keeper is being locked to one location, never to travel the world. Zane's …